Team Nigma: Champions of OGA Dota PIT

Team Nigma are the champions of OGA Dota PIT season two. They took down Alliance in a nail-biting best of five series.

Nigma’s major focus is on team fight strategies through series, recruitment of heroes like Rubick, Void, and Warlock many times. Because Alliance’s drafts were not able to score in the first two games, Nigma’s team had a little effect overall. Alliance’s team jumped back on the winning bandwagon in game three, leaving the final two games of the series to be decided by the team’s solace.

Game 1

The first game of hustle, Nigma got the benefit of the situation. The team dut delivered as Miracle and w33 suffered in the game. Both the players, Mind Control and Rmn finished the game while dying for once only. Nigma made a lot of mistakes in the game, providing hopes to Alliance to come back, but the captainless team managed to hold the ground and snatch a decent victory.

Game 2

Game two began at a slow pace, but Nigma managed to ramp up the militancy using the global power of Spectre and a Boots of travel Batrider. Alliance opted Lifestealer for Nikobaby. This eventually backfired. Nigma responded really well with Enigma and Warlock’s pick. Each team fight eventually favored Nigma and Miracle’s Spectre and GH’s Rubick ruled the map.  

Game 3

The third game was a win-win for Nigma as a team fight strategy and laning stage in accordance. Alliance placed their trust in Templar assassin and Swede managed to oppose Jakiro in his lane. Two teams had an immense fight, one for tournament lives and others to close out the series. As the game progressed, Alliance took the lead as Nigma got a little muddled. But Nigma managed to pick up from there and wipe away every Alliance hero. Alliance didn’t give up easily and were rewarded too. Roshan committed numerous buybacks, he destroyed Nigma’s heroes and base. Also, he saved himself from getting caught in Miracle’s chromosphere.

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Game 4

In the fourth game, while Alliance depended on Slark for Nikobaby and Death Prophet for Limp, Nigma started off well. Alliance failed to maintain the desired pressure. Nigma fortified a strong behold, while Nikobaby’s Slark feet slipped in and out of fights, forcing Nigma to cast spells but to no avail. Miracle trusted in Terrorblade, Nigma jumped out while Alliance returned Nikobaby to Faceless void.

Game 5

The final game was a slow one. Team Alliance broke the deadlock, Miracle- got effected and was saved by w33 Bartrider as it pulled Alliance from all directions. With Miracle’s-Terrorblade standing tall, the game came to an end. Team Nigma champions won $70,873 while Alliance managed $36,822.